Quentin Tarantino: ‘Script leak was the pits’

Quentin Tarantino felt completely exposed when his The Hateful Eight script was leaked, which is why he reacted so badly.

The director’s latest movie will start hitting screens later in December (15), although it almost didn’t come to fruition. In January 2014 an early version of the script was leaked and posted online, with Quentin so furious at the betrayal that he initially announced he was ditching the flick altogether.

“I’d written a first draft of the script and I gave it to just a very few group of friends,” he explained to US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “Somehow it got leaked in the industry and some agents had gotten it and were talking, and all of a sudden a website had got it and put it online so anybody could read it. And I reacted very badly to it. The reason I reacted badly was… normally, when I write a script it’s like this big long novel, where I start at the beginning and I end at the end, but in this movie I decided to write it in a way I never had before, so it was me experimenting with a new way of writing. I wanted to write three drafts of the script, go through it three different times, and then decide the movie. And so I did the first draft and it was completely unfinished; there was an end but it wasn’t the end. There were all kinds of elements (that… are different in the final film). It was really a gentler way of writing and even the whole idea of telling the story three different times was a new idea for me. So to have it exposed, in that first version, really got to me.”

After it was made public, Quentin claimed the only people he’d given the script to were Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern, all of whom appear in the finished picture. He also said he had no doubt Tim, who also teamed up with him on Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, was not behind the incident, with Michael joking that comment caused him a lot of problems.

“(My agent) read (the comments) to me and it said, ‘I only gave the script to three people, Bruce, Michael and Tim, and I know for sure it wasn’t Tim.’ I’m like, ‘What the f**k!'” Michael laughed.

“I call him on the phone from the lobby of the hotel. I go, ‘Quentin, you realise the way you phrased that… can you please make a public announcement that it wasn’t me, man!’ And he starts laughing.”

Quentin interjected: “His son calls him up after he hears that and he’s like, ‘Dad! Really dad, why? Why? Why did you do this? Why did you betray Quentin? I can’t believe you betrayed Quentin.'”

The famed director also touched on a past comment he’s made, suggesting he will not make more than 10 movies. Having already shot eight this could mean he’s close to retirement, with Quentin insisting he stands by what he said.

“I’m not going to think that I have four movies or six movies and I will eventually get around to doing them all,” he said. “If I only have two movies, well, that keeps it at the tip of the spear. That means those ones had better be good and I’d better mean everything about them and I actually like that kind of focus.”

– Cover Media

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