Rachel Weisz: ‘007 wouldn’t marry me’

Rachel Weisz believes it’s testament to her husband Daniel Craig’s talent that people keep asking her what it’s like to be married to James Bond.

The British actor famously stars as the super spy in the movie franchise, and most recently took on the role in latest release Spectre.

Rachel has been married to him since June 2011 and still can’t believe the amount of interest his role as 007 garners.

“I don’t live with James Bond, I like with an actor called Daniel Craig who is such a brilliant actor that he has convinced everyone else that that is who he is,” she laughed to Britain’s Hello! magazine. “I don’t know James Bond personally and as far as I understand he doesn’t really get married, does he?

“Let’s just say I’ve got no complaints (with my life). Life is good and I’m very, very happy. I have a wonderful family and my career seems to be going well, touch wood. I’m quite superstitious, though, so I don’t want to say too many things about it in case I jinx it.”

In her latest movie Youth, Rachel plays Lena, a woman she believes is in desperate need of growing up. The 45-year-old certainly doesn’t obsess about her age in real life, partly because when she was a little girl, she felt more like an adult. That is evident in the types of games she would play, with Rachel obsessed with the idea of being a detective at one point.

“I had a detective club at school – we had secret codes and secret handshakes and we were forever looking through the school gates and seeing ‘crimes’ that we believed were happening and that we were going to solve,” she laughed. “One day we found a key lying on the ground and we thought that it belonged to a stolen car, which was most exciting.”

– Cover Media