Resident Evil getting a reboot

Just as the sixth and apparently final live action Resident Evil movie arrives on DVD and Blu-ray comes news that already, a reboot is in the works.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter grossed north of $300m when it was released in cinemas earlier this year, over half of which came from China. It marked director Paul W S Anderson’s apparent swansong from the series, and also saw Milla Jovovich stand down from the lead role too.

However, Constantin Film, that has backed the six films to date, has already confirmed that a reboot of the Resident Evil movies in development. It’s not been confirmed, but it’s unlikely to involve Anderson. His attention is instead on a big screen take on the videogame Monster Hunter, that’s due next year.

As we hear more on Resident Evil 7, whatever it ends up being called and whoever it features, we’ll let you know…


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