Ridley Scott confirms Prometheus 2

Director Ridley Scott has confirmed that his next movie will be Prometheus 2, and it’ll start shooting in February 2016 – with Michael Fassbender committed to return as android-head-in-a-bag David.

Speaking to Deadline for an in-depth interview in honour of his latest film – The Martian, starring Matt Damon – Scott was very open about his plans for the sci-fi sequel.

“You can either… leave the first film alone and jump ahead, but you can’t because it ends on too specific a plot sentence as [Noomi Rapace’s character] says, ‘I want to go where they came from, I don’t want to go back to where I came from’.”

The means that Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and Fassbender’s David are, as suspected, heading straight for the Engineers’ homeworld.

“I thought the subtext of that film was a bit florid and grandiose,” adds Scott. “But it asks a good question: who created us? I don’t think we are here by accident.

“Are you telling me there are no other planets with human life? I simply don’t believe it… Even Stephen Hawking now says, I am not sure. He no longer believes in the Big Bang.”

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