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Since he first stepped on stage for the first night of his ‘Take The Crown Stadium Tour 2013’ at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium in front of 65,000 fans, Robbie Williams has been wowing crowds around the UK with his consummate showmanship and extravagant sets, earning rave reviews in the process.

On August 20, 2013, Robbie Williams will perform at Estonia’s 70,000 capacity Tallinn Song Festival Ground and fans in cinemas around the world will have the chance to catch the born entertainer live on the big screen. This broadcast of the penultimate show of his first solo stadium tour in 7 years will give his fans the perfect chance to catch the maestro in action as he rips through his thrilling 2-hour show that includes his biggest solo hits such as “Bodies”, “Millennium”, “Let Me Entertain You” and “Angels”.

Take The Crown Live From Tallinn, will have a theatrical release across 40 territories. Tickets will be available from July 9 through participating cinemas or via

This broadcast follows a number of successful live-to-cinema events in 2013, including The British Museum’s Pompeii Live and the National Theatre’s production of The Audience with Helen Mirren. However Robbie was one of the original pioneers of the idea, having broadcast his performance from the BBC Electric Proms into 250 screens across 23 territories in 2009 – a Guinness World Record at the time.

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