Ronnie O’Sullivan Biopic

Jamie Vardy is all set to be the star of his own movie after his rise up the football pyramid from non-league player to Premier League and England star.

And now it looks like Hollywood is set to immortalise in film another of Britain’s most enigmatic sporting stars.

That’s after the biggest name in snooker, Ronnie O’Sullivan, revealed this week that Lionsgate Films – they of ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ fame – are planning on making a biopic about his life.

O’Sullivan, 40, told the Sunday Mirror, via The Guardian, that Lionsgate are leading the way as genuine interest continues about putting his life on film.

“Lionsgate in America got in contact with my agent,” explained the five-time world champion.

“I thought ‘they’re not serious’…But as it’s gone on they’ve said they were going to buy the rights to my film and a couple of big LA actors who are snooker fans said they want the part.”

According to ‘The Rocket’, one rising star of British film is in the running to play him on the big screen.

“Jack O’Connell is interested – he’s a big snooker fan and from the North and he’s followed my career and says he wants the part.”

O’Connell made a name for himself as a young actor on Channel 4 series ‘Skins’ and has since gone on to star in big budget movies like ‘Unbroken’.

Should the O’Sullivan movie get the go ahead in the near future, whoever is involved would certainly have plenty of material to work with.

Often considered the greatest player ever to pick up a cue, O’Sullivan has arguably the most natural talent of any snooker player in history – and the titles and prize money to back up the claim.

However, he also has something of a love-hate relationship with the sport. He has threatened to walk away from snooker altogether on a number of occasions and has often been one of the most vocal critics of the game and how it is run.

Add to that his battles with alcohol and drug abuse, as well as his relationship with a father who serve 17 years in prison for a 1992 murder and the script almost writes itself.

So, what exactly should moviegoers expect from the Ronnie O’Sullivan movie?

“As long as the film does justice to my life I’ve got no problems with it,” he explained, via The Guardian.

“…I’ve been told it will be along the lines of dramas Whiplash and the Black Swan – which I really liked as it got into the emotions of the character and I think that’s how my career has been.”

Source: GiveMeSport

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