Rose Leslie: The Last Witch Hunter might disappoint mum

Actress Rose Leslie still hasn’t broken it to her mother that she doesn’t actually have any dialogue with Michael Caine in The Last Witch Hunter.

The 28-year-old star joins screen legend Michael and Fast and Furious’ Vin Diesel in the fantasy flick about a battle between humanity and evil witches. When she heard the 82-year-old acting veteran was involved she rushed to tell her mum but quickly realised she may have spoken too soon.

“I told my mother, ‘This is so great, I get to share a scene with Michael Caine!'” she recalled to Total Film magazine. “And then, of course, in this particular scene, he is asleep. So there’s no dialogue (laughs). So my mum still doesn’t know that…”

Rose had more luck with Vin though and shares many scenes with him. Despite it being her first blockbuster, the Game of Thrones star wasn’t intimidated by the Hollywood hardman.

“He’s such a cool guy!” she gushed. “He’s a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, so this is completely up his street. It wasn’t intimidating. I think I was more in awe of Michael Caine, being a British actor and growing up admiring him.”

It seems Vin, 48, was also very taken with his older co-star. Recently he revealed a huge compliment he’d received from Michael that will always stay with him.

“We’ve always wanted to do something together,” Vin previously said, adding Michael’s wife Shakira described their onscreen chemistry as “spectacular” in one scene. “The next day Michael comes to set and says, ‘You know what I realised Vin? You and I are the Laurel and Hardy of great acting!’ I don’t know how to take that but I guess it was a beautiful compliment.”

– Cover Media