Rumour: Coming To America 2

What started as a suggestion that Eddie Murphy’s Twitter account had been hacked might now have something a little more to it. A Tweet appeared on the account in the middle of last week, with the words ‘Coming to America sequel?’ next to a picture of Vanessa Bell Calloway in character from the film. The Tweet soon disappeared, but gossip site TMZ – yeah, we know – has been doing some digging. And it reckons there’s something to it.

It’s suggesting that Eddie Murphy is indeed in the early stages of putting Coming To America 2 together, although naturally enough, there’s been nothing close to an official confirmation of this.

Furthermore, Murphy has ruled out such a sequel in the past. The first film, whilst a huge hit, led to a notorious Hollywood court case, with Paramount Pictures arguing that the movie had made a loss.

Eddie Murphy’s Twitter account, since last Wednesday, has been deleted, so it’s a case of wait and see with this one. Our breath is not being held, mind you.




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