Russo brothers explain Avengers: Infinity War

How will Avengers: Infinity War will fit together? Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been teasing us with details…

Since helming Captain America: The Winter Soldier to great critical and commercial success, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have become a vital part of the Marvel Studios moviemaking machine.

The brothers Russo were in London recently to promote their incoming Winter Soldier follow-up/epic superhero slugfest Captain America: Civil War. They took a minute during a roundtable interview to explain how their next project after that – the mammoth two-part Avengers: Infinity War event – will be very different to what they’ve done before…

“I think the process will become more intense on Infinity War”, Anthony Russo admitted, “because we are shooting both movies at the same time. Because there are so many actors involved in those films. Because the scale is so large. And I think our narrative approach on those movies in going to be very unique to a superhero film.”

“We’re going to have to tell those stories from a multi-perspective”, he continued, “meaning that we’ll establish the story for one character, move to another character, establish the story, move to another character, establish the story, move to another character… And they’ll all be heading to a unified narrative or plot.”

“One piece of the process is really important to us: that we watch and cut scenes every 48 hours. So that we’re constantly assessing how the ideas are working. And if they are working, how can we make them work even better? And if they’re not working, then how do we fix them? And so I think it’ll be a very difficult, long shoot, because we’ll constantly be shooting and assessing and reshooting and assessing.”

The two Infinity War movies will be filmed as one huge shoot, with the cast and crew flitting between scenes from Part One and Part Two “even from morning to afternoon”, Joe Russo explained, because of the actors’ schedules.

He added: “I think it creates a little bit of a misconception, that we’re shooting the movies together… the two movies are very different from another. The reason why we’re shooting them together is because of the massive cast involved.”

And, as one particularly brave journalist asked, is there a limit to the number of superheroes you can put in one movie?

“We’re about to find out”, joked Anthony Russo. “We don’t know, that’s why I was saying Infinity War will be so experimental. Because it’s uncharted territory. Its scale is off the chart. We’re gonna take a stab at a multi-perspective approach, and we’ll see how it works out as we’re shooting the movie.”


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