Ryan Gosling’s perfect perm

Ryan Gosling couldn’t turn down a movie role that allowed him to have a perm.

The actor stars in biographical drama The Big Short, also featuring the likes of Christian Bale and Steve Carell. When asked what drew him to the role of Jared, Ryan joked it was his character’s hair.

“The perm!” he laughed to Ricore. “When Adam (McKay, director) asked me if I’d be interested, I answered: ‘You had me at perm!’ I love Adam’s films. It’s almost more like a friend than a film. I watch (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy) Step Brothers just to see how those guys are doing.”

It’s not just films that have become like friends to the star – he also cherishes a cast he gets along with.

“It’s very important,” he admitted. “To be part of a project you actively enjoy working on makes it even more exciting. I learnt a lot. I took a lot from the script and the book by Michael Lewis. Then I started researching the subject. Even watching the film back I learnt more.”

The Big Short looks at the financial crisis and hit cinemas in December (15).

The actor and his long-time girlfriend Eva Mendes have baby daughter Esmeralda, 15 months, together. Luckily Eva, 41, is also in the movie business, so she understands how hectic Ryan’s career can be. After his parents split up Ryan lived with his mum, which influences the 35-year-old up to this day.

“I love my mother and always will,” he smiled. “She’s had a big and very positive impact on my life. When it comes to her, I’ve always been very protective, which has coloured my personality as an adult. I’m a very protective person in terms of my partner and my child.”

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