Ryan Gosling’s tan-tastic role

Ryan Gosling had a different tan for every scene of The Big Short, as the art of fake tanning wasn’t “perfected”.

The hunky actor stars in the drama movie about financial outsiders who team up and rally against the bankers behind the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. As it begins in the years leading up to the event, Ryan stepped back in time to embody the go-to look of businessmen at the time.

“We tried to have a different colour tan every scene. A different shade, like one of those colour charts where you just got for every version,” he laughed to Total Film magazine. “It was the early 2000s, so I don’t think the fake tan had been perfected yet. The spray tan wasn’t as nuanced as it is now.”

His co-star Steve Carell joined Ryan for the interview and recalled his reaction to seeing the star in costume: “Ryan stepped out of the make-up trailer for the first time in his outfit and I said, ‘Don’t ever do this again! Except for this movie, don’t ever do it,'” Steve quipped.

Steve also underwent a transformation for the film, embracing his alter ego Mark Baum’s “crazy hair”. As each character is based on real people, the actor was able to chat to the man behind the role and get to know him better.

“He told me the only reason his wife married him was because of his hair,” Steve grinned. “He had just a big mop and was also a bit overweight.”

Over the last couple of years Steve has impressed audiences and critics by stepping into new territory with dramatic films, like The Big Short and the chilling role of murderer John du Pont in 2014’s Foxcatcher. He hasn’t completely abandoned his humorous side though, admitting he’s keen to return to the genre.

“I don’t have a real plan of attack, but I’d like to do more comedies,” he said of what the future holds. “I don’t know.”

– Cover Media