Ryan Reynolds: ‘People overrate me’

Ryan Reynolds is fully aware people both underrate and overrate his work.

The Canadian actor has had his fair share of box office flops over the years, like 2011’s The Green Lantern and R.I.P.D. two years later. However he’s also had plenty of hits, and remains one of Hollywood’s most busy leading men with four new films currently in production.

“I think people put you in a different box all the time,” he shrugged to Britain’s ShortList magazine. “Different people will put me in different boxes. Some people underrate me, but at the same time some people overrate me. I look at it like that. I try to do interesting stuff when I can.”

Next up is the hotly anticipated Deadpool, Marvel’s antihero who hits cinemas from 9 February (16). Ryan briefly touched upon Wade Wilson/ Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine seven years ago, but it’s his first foray back into the comic book world since The Green Lantern bombed. Ryan isn’t embarrassed by the previous flop though, even poking fun at it in Deadpool’s promo trailer.

“God, I hope it doesn’t come across as a lack of gratitude or a lack of understanding,” he said. “I know how hard I worked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we were all popping crisp high-fives once the movie was out and done. I think the jokes about it in the Deadpool trailers were pretty good-natured.”

The new flick required 39-year-old Ryan to get physical, though he admits his body has started to get a little creaky these days. Luckily a stunt double was on hand to help him out, but Ryan’s wife Blake Lively may not be fully comfortable with how many stunts the actor decided to do himself.

“Deadpool has a way of fighting that is as specific as the way he talks – it’s character work, even though you’re in that suit,” he explained. “It’s not me for all of it – we had a double who was in Cirque du Soleil and can defy gravity – but I did a bit more than my wife would have liked.”

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