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Lost and Unfinished Orson Welles Film To Be Released.

Report by Jason Abbey.

To Celebrate the 100th year anniversary of his birth, production company Royal Road Entertainment have acquired the rights to Orson Welles long thought lost final film The Other Side of the Wind with a plan to release in May 2015.  Working from Welles work print and over 1000 reels of negative that had been stored in Paris, director Peter Bogdanovich and Frank Marshall who both worked on the initial shoot have been charged with wrangling the film into shape according to Welles notes.

Royal Road reached an agreement with various parties to acquire the rights to a film that has been along with the original cut of The Magnificent Ambersons something of a holy grail for film buffs. Partly autobiographical, the film tells of an iconoclastic director who attempts to navigate the viper pit of Hollywood in order to produce a visionary work. The cast features Lilli Palmer, Dennis Hopper and Peter Bogdanovich who play a young up and coming director.

Line producer on the shoot and now director Frank Marshall said: “ It’s hard to say why it’s coming together now except that everybody realises that the longer we wait the less people will be around to know Orson’s wishes”.

Bogdanovich a close friend has stated that if Welles became ill or died he wanted him to finish it for him, now all the footage has been restored and the re-editing process begins we will finally be able to view one last film from Orson Welles.

Source: New York Times

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