Salma Hayek: I worried age hindered me

Salma Hayek has often lied about her age.

The stunning actress celebrated her 49th birthday earlier this month and has been busy working on thriller Septembers of Shiraz, which she also produced.

While she now realises age is just a number, she used to think it might be a disadvantage for her in a youth-obsessed industry.

“I often lied about my age. That was pretty stupid, because I feel great!” she admitted to German magazine TV Movie.

It’s not just work keeping her young; Salma has seven-year-old daughter Valentina with husband François-Henri Pinault. She can’t imagine a life without her family now, but initially she was terrified of the responsibilities.

“I was scared of marriage,” she admitted. “I just didn’t want to fail. That’s the biggest hurdle I’ve overcome in my life. Now my life is great, I have a daughter and a wonderful man.”

Although Salma is now well and truly comfortable, she has noticed a change in the projects she’s offered.

“I think they don’t want me but I don’t really care,” she recently said of studios.

Instead, she’s focusing on passion projects like animated tale The Prophet, which she produced and voices. It’s based on the 26 prose poetry essay by Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran.

“It’s meaningful. It’s hopeful. It’s uplifting. It’s respectful. It honours children,” she smiled. “Many people tell me, ‘But they are not going to like poetry.’ Children love poetry. That’s why we have the nursery rhymes and then we don’t give it to them anymore. It’s their first language. They think in metaphor.”

– Cover Media

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