Sam Claflin leaves the drama on set

Screen star Sam Claflin leaves his acting “baggage” on set and never takes work home with him.

The British actor is known to many as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games franchise, and is sure to make girls all over the world swoon as William Traynor in romantic movie Me Before You next year (16).

Some of the industry’s biggest stars might prefer to go method, but unlike Daniel Day-Lewis, Sam likes to start afresh when he gets home to his wife Laura Haddock.

“I’m definitely someone who’s able to distance himself from work,” he explained to Total Film magazine. “I’m able to leave my baggage at the door – at both ends.”

His continued success in Hollywood means the 29-year-old Brit spends a lot of time across the pond. While it should be a perk, he doesn’t find his trips all that relaxing.

“I go (to Los Angeles) and think I’m on holiday, but then I’m inundated with business meetings and auditions,” he sighed. “I think of it as work. I have to work hard. It’s like going to the gym. I don’t enjoy myself at the gym. I go and sweat, and then I come home and feel sorry for myself. That’s basically what happens in LA. That’s what happens in California. I sweat.”

Sam is saying goodbye to his biggest role to date with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, out in November (15). Spending the last few days on set with Jennifer Lawrence and co was a strange experience.

“I remember my last day being really, really bizarre,” he recalled. “I said all of my goodbyes. I went around and made a point of hugging everyone I’d worked with for however many years. Loads of us finished on the same day. Then all of a sudden, I remember the first AD saying, ‘Actually, we need to film you guys tomorrow morning.’ So my goodbyes were completely undermined.”

– Cover Media

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