Sam Claflin’s clumsy stunts

Actor Sam Claflin’s plan to prove he was “hard” backfired when he broke his finger during a stunt on The Hunger Games set.

The British actor plays Finnick Odair in the popular franchise, sharing the screen with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. With such action-packed scenes, it means the star had to get comfortable with giving it his all on set – but unfortunately it didn’t always run smoothly.

“It’s happened a couple of times actually with stunt guys,” he admitted to SciFiNow magazine when asked if he’s ever caused any injuries. “Partly because I guess Finnick spends a lot of his time fighting and I broke my finger when we filmed Catching Fire during a rehearsal. Total accident, but I was told that my left hook needed a bit of work. It looked a bit flimsy. So I decided to show them that I could be hard, but it ended up connecting with the side of a guy’s temple! He had to take a step away and sit down for a while, and then I realised that I’d broken my finger.”

The Hunger Games characters are taught to train with certain weapons, with Jennifer’s Katniss Everdeen a dab hand at the bow and arrow. Finnick’s speciality is using a net and a trident, but it’s not particularly glamorous.

“This is a funny story,” he began. “The trident, as amazing as it was, a part of me was very angry that I didn’t get to shoot a gun, because all the other guys were carrying guns! I was pretty useless. I was running around with a trident just like: ‘This is no good to anybody right now!’ Unless it’s close combat. Everyone else had machine guns and could shoot from miles away and I’m stuck with a trident, a spiky fork, in the background.”

– Cover Media