Sandra Bullock: We all come with baggage

Sandra Bullock relished not playing the “beautiful birdie” character in her new movie Our Brand Is Crisis.

The flick is based on two political fixers (Sandra and Billy Bob Thornton) who hash it out in Bolivia trying to get their individual candidates election success. The movie is based on real events, with Sandra enjoying her alter ego’s no-nonsense approach to business.

“I found her really truthful,” Sandra commented to America’s InStyle magazine. “We can play a lot of bucolic and beautifully rounded characters that are like beautiful birdies floating around for only so long. Then I think you really have to own what humanity is.

“My character really reflects human beings. We are complicated, we have baggage, we have a past. She definitely does. She struggles with addiction, she has some struggle with mental illness. She is complicated, but she is also incredibly brilliant at what she does.”

The role of Sandra’s Jane was originally intended to be a male part played by her close friend George Clooney. George still had a hand in the movie though, sharing producing duties with Grant Heslov, with Sandra acting as one of the executive producers.

The film has begun hitting cinemas, making its way to European screens in 2016. It comes at a political time in America with the 2016 presidential elections not far off. Despite the nature of the flick, Sandra insists it’s about more than just campaigning.

“This film is really about big business,” she explained. “(Elections are) just about marketing. It is advertising when you really get down to it. That is what’s heartbreaking when you realise, ‘Wow I have been advertised to rather than let me decide who the best candidate is. I have been manipulated to vote or buy something.

– Cover Media

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