Sarah Silverman: Do I have enough ambition?

Sarah Silverman worries she’s not ambitious enough.

It seems like a strange statement from an actress who has enjoyed successful stints on TV with shows like Masters of Sex and now on the silver screen with drama I Smile Back.

But the 44-year-old believes her laidback attitude is very different to that of other stars in Hollywood.

“Maybe I have not enough ambition for this business, but I never make a plan. I keep my overhead low. I own my apartment and my car. So if something crosses my path and it’s interesting, then it is exciting to do,” she shrugged to

I Smile Back, a film about a married woman who sleeps with other men and takes drugs, leading her family down a path of destruction, seems a change of direction for Sarah. Known her stand-up and comedic roles, she insists dramatic projects weren’t something she was deliberately avoiding.

“I’m open to anything but it’s not like I want to… I don’t have anything to prove – I love comedy. I’m proud of being a comedian. I’m not looking to not be a comedian anymore,” she explained. “I’m so glad I didn’t know how dark and scary this experience would be because I would have p**sied out. I went into going between action and cut that it will be whatever, but we’ll still have a good time. I didn’t realise that what all these actors say – and I roll my eyes at – is true. It’s a lot, it’s so much. It’s heavy.”

I Smile Back premiered at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week and hits cinemas from next month.

– Cover Media