Scar Tissue


Twenty-five years ago the serial killer Edward Jansen was shot and killed by the police in his underground lair. With him were the bodies of five young girls he had mercilessly tortured and killed. Today he’s back. And today is Luke Denham’s birthday. Twenty-two years of a normal, unremarkable life. But tomorrow Luke will wake up to find a mutilated corpse in his bathroom.

He will be stalked and taunted by a psychopath who died long before Luke was even born. And he will have his future placed into the hands of a volatile and deeply disturbed female detective, Sam Cross. The secret they uncover will shatter Luke’s whole world and bring Sam face to face with demons from her tragic childhood. Together they will discover that the past is impossible to escape. And that some wounds will never heal.

SCAR TISSUE – a powerful, gripping mystery-thriller. Shocking and unsettling, it asks some of the most difficult questions we can ask of ourselves. Can we ever truly know or trust another human being? Can we even know ourselves?

Certificate: 18                         Distributor: Sterling Pictures

Dir. Scott Michell, UK, 2013, 103 mins

Cast: Danny Horn, Charity Wakefield, Kenneth Colley


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