Search For Simon

The Search for Simon

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Named one of the Top 10 Best British comedies of 2013 by London Film Review.

‘Very silly’ – Michael Palin, Monty Python
‘A triumph’ – Terry Jones, Monty Python


Starring Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who). Tom Price (Torchwood) and Chase Masterson (Star-Trek Deep Space 9), The Search for Simon follows 39 year David’s search for his younger brother Simon, who, at the age of 7 (ish) in 1979, disappeared, due to a perceived alien abduction. After all, his Dad did tell him that he had been.

Completely devastated by the loss of his younger brother, and best friend, David vowed to find his brother – or at the very least find out about the Aliens that took him. This quest has taken over and completely filled David’s life. It’s more than a passion, it’s an obsession. David has been meeting people – filming interviews and generally obsessing over alien abductions ever since.

David’s best (and only) friend Robert, saddened by his friend’s obsession and unwillingness to let go of the past, tries his best to get David interested in other things: games, pub quizzes, re-enactment societies and even… women. And then one day after a chance random encounter with a book writing psychologist with an ear for obsession, he catches the eye of a pretty young woman, and everything changes…

Out to own on DVD from 13th October.

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