Seth Rogen: I worried Fassbender was weird

Seth Rogen had to check Michael Fassbender wasn’t “weird” before working with him on Steve Jobs.

The Pineapple Express star teams up with Michael, who is known for his method acting, on the biopic about the Apple co-founder. Knowing Michael’s way of working made him nervous, but he alleviated his fears by having a frank chat with the Oscar nominee.

“I asked him, straight up, ‘Are you, like, weird? Do I have to call you Steve? Are you going to be mean to me? I just want to know what the playing field is here,’” he laughed in an interview with Britain’s The Telegraph newspaper. “He was like, ‘No!’ He wasn’t in character all the time. Nor Kate (Winslet) either. It wasn’t that different from the process I’m used to. Although we never get to rehearse for a movie normally. And with this we rehearsed for weeks and weeks and weeks.”

Written by Aaron Sorkin, the film relies very heavily on dialogue. It was getting the flow of the script spot on that proved most difficult in the end.

“Remembering the words isn’t hard,” he reasoned, “but it’s the rhythm with the other actors that took the most time. Because it literally says when you have to interrupt the other person, like in a play. When you overlap each other is written, certain words are supposed to overlap other words, and that’s not easy.”

Seth plays Steve Wozniak, the man behind the Apple 2 computer, who is currently striving to get Jobs’ acknowledgement. The dramatic film is a huge departure for the star, who is normally known for appearing in stoner comedies like his upcoming Christmas flick The Night Before.

“I thought I could do the part, maybe, but I was very self-conscious about trying to inject myself into a movie that I didn’t belong in,” he laughingly admitted.

– Cover Media