Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival 2013.

Weekend 2: Friday 19 – Sunday 21 July.
Tickets for under 19’s and accompanying adults £2.50!
Tickets for adults £5.


Sea Shadow
Friday 19 July, 6.15pm

Sea Shadow

In an Emirati neighbourhood where the traditional culture makes it harder to express love and emotions openly, two teenagers begin a journey of self-discovery that takes them all the way to Abu Dhabi after life in their little town is shaken up by misunderstandings and wrong decisions.

Encounters Short Films, New Selection
Saturday 20 July, 10.30am

Encounters Teen

A selection of new short films presented by Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival. The programme of shorts will be selected by school groups in a workshop the day before.


Saturday Club: Kirikou and the Men and the Women
Saturday 20 July, 11am film, 12.30pm workshop


Ticket for film, workshop and packed lunch – £6

The latest animated adventure from critically-acclaimed and award-nominated director Michel Ocelot sees Kirikou help the men and women of his own and his neighbouring villages to defeat the witch Karaba using incredible intelligence, bravery and the magic of music.

Moon Man
Saturday 20 July, 1pm

Moon Man

If only The Man in The Moon knew just how much children loved him! But he’s not even remotely aware; he’s just sitting on the moon, bored stiff in his lonely silver sphere… One night, a shooting star appears, whizzing through outer space towards the Moon. Moon Man seizes his chance, grabs the speeding comet by the tail and hitches a ride to Earth!

Real Moon Man Workshop with Something Astronomical
Saturday 20 July, 2.45pm
Following the screening of Moon Man, come along and explore the lives of real “Moon Men” – astronauts! Learn about the golden age of space exploration, plan a journey to the Moon, examine the Apollo spacecraft and discover how you can make your own “one small step”.


Encounters Short Films for children
Saturday 20 July, 2pm

Encounters Children

A selection of short films presented by Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival.


Saturday 20 July, 3pm


The latest animated blockbuster adventure-comedy from the makers of Ice Age and Rio. A teenage girl finds herself transported to a secret realm where a battle between the forces of good and evil is set to decide the fate of the world…

One Mile Away – with Q&A
Saturday 20 July, 6.30pm

One mile away

A documentary charting the ‘postcode wars’ between the Johnson Crew of B6 and the Burger Bar Boys of B21 in Birmingham, the teenagers caught in this gang warfare, and the efforts to bring peace to these neighbourhoods.

Followed by Q&A with Matthias Thomas (Shabba), Dylan Duffus (D-Boy) and Simeon Moore (Zimbo) from the film.


Hip Hop Hooray!
Saturday 20 July, from 9.30pm

Hip Hop Hooray July 2013

Showroom Bar, FREE
Stick around after the screening of One Mile Away for a teen-friendly hip hop night in the Showroom Bar. An evening of the very best in rap and hip hop, from its birth in 1970’s New York to the present day. From the Sugar Hill Gang to A$AP Rocky join us for the first night of the most influential form of music in the world today.

We Shall Overcome
Sunday 21 July, 10am

we shall overcome

It’s 1969 and the world is changing. Corporal punishment in schools has been outlawed, yet thirteen-year-old Frits’ tyrannical headmaster hasn’t seemed to notice… As Frits’ family buy their first television, Frits is inspired by news of social change around the globe and Martin Luther King’s dream of a better world, and sets out to challenge authority.


Danish Shorts
Sunday 21 July, 11am

danish short

A selection of short animated films from Denmark.

Dog in Heaven – Nine-year-old Lora and her dog, Hound, arrive at an isolated monastery with the promise of a better life.

The Flame and the Cotton Ball – A little flame does not enjoy his hard work in the mines so he spends most of his time daydreaming. One day, he sees a living cloud – a beautiful girl made of cotton!

The Secret of the Ice Flower – When Humbug loses his Grandpa’s wand whilst practicing magic, he journeys into the Valley of the Green Peas to find it.

Danish Workshop
Sunday 21 July, 12.30pm

Danish Workshop

After the Danish Shorts screening, come along to the workshop to explore all things Danish! Led by a Danish education practitioner learn about the culture, history, people, sample the food and learn a few words.

The Great Bird Race
Sunday 21 July, 1pm

great bird race

Victor and his father are crazy about bird watching and together they participate in the Great Bird Race, where it’s crucial to spot the rarest bird. Victor always wins second place but this time he just might win – until his arch-rival shows up! In panic, Victor cheats and a small lie suddenly develops into a huge scandal!

Bird Workshop
Sunday 21 July, 2.45pm

After the screening of The Great Bird Race, come along to the Bird Workshop to find out more about our feathered friends. A great way for the kids to get up close and learn more about birds. We will have several birds here for children to meet and handle as well educate them about birds and have their picture taken with them, birds will include a Barn Owl that will be flown inside.

All Stars
Sunday 21 July, 1pm

All Stars

Ethan and Jaden have a cunning plan: recruit members for their crew, stage a talent show and raise money to save their youth club from demolition and, in doing so, impress the girl of Ethan’s dreams. The only trouble is that Ethan can’t dance, Jaden’s parents have banned him from dancing, and the duo’s newly-found ‘All Stars’ are totally uncoordinated!

Closing Night Awards Ceremony and Ernest & Celestine
Sunday 21 July, 5pm


Showco 2013 comes to a close as we announce which films have won the coveted Audience Award and Youth Jury Awards.

We end with a screening of the charming animated film, Ernest & Celestine, a tale of an eccentric bear who does the unthinkable and befriends an orphaned mouse!


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