Simon Pegg doesn’t know what the future holds

Actor Simon Pegg is unsure of his next career move, but is tempted to do a smaller project.

The 45-year-old star is a pro both in front of and behind the camera, having starred in the likes of The World’s End and the new Star Trek movies as well as penning scripts such as the upcoming third instalment of the sci-fi franchise. He’s had a busy schedule as of late and after getting involved with so many successful features, Simon admits he doesn’t know where to head next.

“It makes me unsure of what I want to do next really,” he told when quizzed on his ventures. “Once I finished (writing) Star Trek Beyond a couple weeks ago, I got home to my home in the UK and I just thought, ‘I don’t really want to leave again.’ I honestly had this feeling of maybe I should just quit now. I don’t know… I have big movies to do. I feel like maybe I’d just like to go small.”

Having made a name for himself in the comedy sector Simon is always happy to return to his roots for a role. He’d prefer to keep things diverse though, as he’s wary of people pigeon-holing him with his funnyman status.

“You see it again and again with an actor, whether it’s Woody Allen or Steve Martin or Jim Carrey,” he explained. “Whenever they try to do anything which is a little bit different, people go, ‘No, don’t do that’ or they get accused of being pretentious or whatever. I think if I wrote a movie that was deadly serious, people would go and see it (expecting it to be funny).”

Luckily Simon doesn’t have to worry about people getting the wrong end of the stick when it comes to Star Trek Beyond, which was an emotional journey for him during the penning process. He’ll return to the role of Scotty too, alongside castmates Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

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