Sir Michael Caine On Growing Older

Sir Michael Caine thinks it’s a myth misery comes with age, because as he grows older the star only becomes “happier”.

The 82-year-old actor released his new movie Youth in the U.S. last month (Dec15), a film about a retired orchestra conductor who experiences a surprise career revival after being invited to perform at Prince Philip’s birthday by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Much like his character in the movie, Caine feels more invigorated now that he is an octogenarian, telling BBC News he can’t get enough of his “extreme good fortune”.

“Every decade of life has been happier than the last one for different reasons, and I think that’s what happens in Youth – everyone ends up happier,” he explained to the outlet. “A friend of mine says that at least when you wake up and you feel your aches and pains, you know you’re still alive. But what I love about this movie – it has a great view of old age. It tells us that if you are going to get there, it’s really not so bad.

“It’s only your body that gets old. Inside my head I am still 38 (years old).”

Of all the ages he could choose, his late thirties resonate with him the most because he tied the knot with wife Shakira Baksh at that time, with the wedding ceremony having taken place in 1973.

“Why 38?” he queried. “Well I married my wife (Shakira) and it was wonderful – we were in love, I married the most beautiful woman in the world, I was fit, healthy, happy, rich, famous, you name it. I didn’t realise that there was one more incredible gift to come, and that was grandchildren.”

Caine is father to two adult daughters, Dominique and Natasha, and he has one pertinent piece of advice for them both.

“I don’t have any regrets at all,” he emphasised. “I tell my daughters that all the time – ‘don’t look back. You’ll only trip over’.”