Spielberg to direct The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortata

Steven Spielberg may be squeezing in another film before he gets to Indiana Jones 5…

It looks like Steven Spielberg is adding another project to direct to his slate. He’s currently finishing off The BFG, and then will move on to Ready Player One and Indiana Jones 5. But he might have another film lined up too.

He’s been linked with directing an adaptation of the book The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara, by David Kertzer.

The book is set in 1858, and tells the story of a Jewish boy in Italy, who is secretly baptized, taken from his family, and raised Christian. His parents’ attempts to free their son then become the focus of the story.

Spielberg is reportedly planning to cast Mark Rylance again (following Bridge Of Spies and The BFG), this time in the role of Pope Pius IX. According to The Tracking Board, the plan is to shoot the movie at the start of 2017, which means that Spielberg would slot it in before Indiana Jones 5.

Tony Kushner, who penned the screenplay to Lincoln, is working on the script for this one.