Spike Island

Spike Island (15)

School is nearly out for summer (and forever) for five 16-year-old Lads from Manchester. A nostalgic snaphot of Britain in the early 1990’s this is a fictional story set against a real event – UK band The Stone Roses’ legendary gig of May 27th 1990 at Spike Island in Widnes.

The film follows the exploits of Stone Roses fans, and wannabe band SHADOWCASTER Gary ‘Tits’ Titchfield, Darren ‘Dodge’ Howard, Chris ‘Zippy’ Weeks, ‘Little’ Gaz Duffy and ‘Penfold’ Andrew Peach.’

Nothing will stop our boys from seeing their heroes on stage, this is the story of their journey and the 72 hours across which their friendships are tested and their future is shaped – together or apart

Certificate: 15     Distributor: Vertigo Films

Dir. Mat Whitecross, UK, 2012, 105 mins

Cast: Elliott Tittensor, Nico Mirallegro, Jordan Murphy

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