Splinter Cell movie is still on

Since the Assassin’s Creed movie landed in cinemas and failed to ignite the box office quite as 20th Century Fox and UbiSoft had planned, questions have been asked about the other videogame adaptations that UbiSoft had in various stages of development.

Nothing has been heard of the project for a while, but now, thanks to Collider, we have a bit of news. The folks there have been chatting to producer Basil Iwanyk, who’s promoting John Wick: Chapter 2, but also overseeing Ghost Recon. And he’s confirmed that progress has been made.

“We’ve got a script”, he confirmed. “It’s a little long, but it’s the best script we’ve had. Now that I’m back from Mexico City, we’re going in there to figure out how to cut some pages and give it to [Tom] Hardy”.

“This draft kind of addressed Tom’s notes”, he added. “We’re going to give it to Hardy in the next couple of weeks and hopefully try to get it done this year”.

By get it done, we wonder if he’s implying actually get the film shot this year. If so, that would pave the way for a 2018 release. We await further confirmation.



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