Star-Lord & Thor to Join ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

With UK audiences salivating in anticipation of the release of ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR’ on 29th April, the Russo Brothers have revealed that following the biggest superhero line-up yet, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to get even bigger and more interconnected than ever, with both Norse God Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) joining the cast of ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.’

Speaking at a press event, had the chance to ask the Brothers which character they’re particularly looking forward to working on – and neither of them appeared in their latest effort.

“The movies are intended to be a culmination of everything that’s happened before in the MCU so you don’t want to get into spoilers but I’m a big fan of what James Gunn has done,” said Anthony Russo. “[Joe Russo and I] are both big fans of what James Gunn has done. Star-Lord is a fantastic character and Chris Pratt is an awesome performer so you’d be very excited.”

“I’m excited to work with Thor,” Said Joe Russo. “They’re doing some really interesting stuff with Ragnarok and where he’s gonna be at the beginning of Infinity War is gonna be a very interesting place and I think very profound. I think he’s gonna have a real emotional motivation after that.”

Avengers: Infinity War Parts I and II are set for release May 2018 and 2019.

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