Star Trek 4 may be boldly getting closer

Although many fans thought that this year’s Star Trek Beyond was a return to form for the franchise after the muddled, Cumberbatch-infused Into Darkness, the box office receipts didn’t quite agree, and the film fell short of Paramount’s expectations. Before they knew this, however, the studio announced they were pressing ahead with their sci-fi juggernaut, and claimed they had top men working on a script for the sequel. Top. Men. J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay in fact, who helped with the Beyond script in an unofficial capacity.

Since the release of Star Trek Beyond, Paramount have been very quiet about whether a fourth film would happen, but since Simon Pegg (who also plays Scotty in the rebooted series) tweeted out a picture of himself and Beyond co-writer Doug Jung working on a mysterious new project next to a cheeky Bad Robot figure, we’re going to get out our jump to conclusions mat and presume they’re having a crack at a new sequel themselves (or at least having a look at someone else’s attempt)…

Is Scotty writing us another big screen instalment of the Star Trek journey? And will it see the return of Daddy Kirk Chris Hemsworth, as previously hinted at by Paramount?