Star Wars: interactive lightsaber experience

Seemingly inspired by the Millennium Falcon’s combat remote, Disney is cooking up a lightsaber training experience…

Here’s some exciting news: the world has just taken one small step closer to real lightsabers being a thing. Disney has filed a patent for a new entertainment experience that will include a physical version of Star Wars’ iconic elegant weapon from a more civilised age, boasting an LED light beam and the ability to (sort of) deflect laser blasts.

The patent application sounds a lot like a real-life rendering of the scene from the original Star Wars where Luke Skywalker faced off against a combat droid aboard the Millennium Falcon for Jedi training purposes.


And here’s a detailed description from the application…

“An entertainment environment has a user with a faux light saber that interacts with a drone flying through the air or operated with hidden rods to appear as if it is flying through the air. The faux light saber has LEDs attached thereto to provide IR [infrared] light to the drone. As an LED is turned on, an invisible light sensor built into the drone captures an image of the field of view with a bright spot at the position of the activated LED.

“A visible light source built into the drone then projects light through particulate matter toward the faux light saber. As a result, the user is provided with the illusion that the faux light saber has deflected a laser beam. Multiple LEDs can be activated in sequence at various times to give user the impression that the movement by the users of the faux light saber is deflecting multiple laser beams. 

“Other special effects such as haptic feedback (not shown) can be provided through the use of transducers (not shown) positioned in proximity to the LEDs on the faux light saber. The transducer vibrates after an LED is activated. Thus, the user is provided with more of an impression that the laser beam was deflected by the faux lightsaber.

“The user can also be provided with the impression that the faux light saber missed some of the laser beams and that the beams reached the user. The user is provided with a haptic feedback vest with a plurality of transducers that provide haptic feedback subsequent to the laser beam reaching user rather than the faux light saber.”
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