Star Wars VII

Disney Acquires The Rights To Lucasfilm, Developing Star Wars Episode VII For 2015

The Walt Disney Company has been working hard to develop strong science-fiction properties over the last few years. But while they’ve found big success in the acquisition of Marvel Studios – with The Avengersbecoming the third biggest release of all time – they’ve slipped in other areas. In 2010 the studio released Tron Legacy, which ended up making quite a bit of money, but wasn’t quite the blockbuster success that everyone expected it to be. Then there was John Carter earlier this year, which was an even bigger disappointment, managing to make only $73 million domestically on a $250 million budget. Now, though, they no longer need to worry about developing sci-fi franchises however – because they’ve just bought Star Wars.

A truly stunning development, The Walt Disney Company has purchased Lucasfilm for an amazing $4.05 billion in both cash and stock – but that’s not even the most stunning part. According to the trade report, they will now begin serious development on Star Wars Episode VII – presumably a direct sequel to Return of the Jedi – and plan to have it in theaters by 2015.

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