Stellan Skarsgård: ‘I won’t follow the Disney rules’

Stellan Skarsgård had Disney reformulate his morality clause so he can take his clothes off in public without being sued.

The Swedish actor became a part of the children’s film universe in 2006 with his role as Bootstrap Bill Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and he has also starred in the Thor and Avengers movies as well as Cinderella. Discussing the terms that come with joining Disney, Stellan revealed he didn’t fully agree to everything asked of him.

“Disney has had it for years,” he told Britain’s The Big Issue magazine of the company’s contract which requires its stars to be well-behaved. “It basically says that if you upset a substantial part of society they can take your name off the film, sue you and do other evil things to you. I’ve never signed it. I said that’s infringing on my freedom-of-speech rights, my constitutional rights – and I also said, what society are we talking about, Salt Lake City or Kabul? So they reformulated it for me. I can still take my pants off in public without being sued by Disney.”

This doesn’t come as a big surprise as Stellan often speaks his mind, reasoning that it’s a great pleasure saying whatever he wants. He finds it frustrating that celebrities are criticised for how they voice their opinions. As an example, he cited a comment earlier this year (15) made by Marvel newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch, who is set to portray Doctor Strange in an upcoming adaptation.

“When Benedict Cumberbatch used the word ‘coloured’, which once was the decent way to describe a black person, he got so much s**t that no one listened to what he was actually saying,” Stellan sighed. “It’s so weird in America – the crime is to use the wrong word but at the same time you have double the infant mortality amongst blacks than whites. You don’t change anything by changing the words.”

– Cover Media

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