Stephen King’s It: new movie starts production

Director Andy Muschietti posts a few teaser images from his upcoming two-part film adaptation of Stephen King’s It…

New Line’s efforts to update Stephen King’s nightmarish 1986 novel It did not exactly have an easy path to production. Last year, the project lost its long-attached director Cary Fukunaga over “creative differences” with the studio. Consequently, it also lost its would-be new killer clown Pennywise in Will Poulter. However, after a trip back from the drawing board, new director Andy Muschietti has announced that his two-part adaptation of It has commenced production.

Muschietti broke the news by posting a few teaser Instagram photos from the It set, strewn with indicative imagery such as his director’s chair affixed with the film’s new logo. Oh, and the seemingly innocuous snapshot of a group of balloons floating in a hallway that will likely evoke the appropriate amount of dread from anyone familiar with the story and the ominous soul-stealing metaphor they represent.

Day one

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It is still best-remembered in live-action capacity as a result of the It television miniseries (that was edited into a straight to video feature in the UK) featuring Tim Curry’s memorably-malicious, frightening performance as Pennywise.

Andy Muschietti’s take will see a younger skew, with last month’s casting of another actor not much older than Poulter – Bill Skarsgård – as the new Pennywise. Skarsgård arrives in It off the back of roles in the recent third chapter of the Divergent film series Allegiant and a small screen run on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. Skarsgård will have mighty, non-metaphorical big clown shoes to fill in the wake of Curry’s legendary, nightmare-inducing and generational-childhood-scarring performance in the original miniseries.

The first of the two-part It remake films is currently scheduled to hit cinemas on September 8th 2017.