Steven Spielberg: Tom Hanks is a natural talent

Steven Spielberg doesn’t think Tom Hanks has to act, because he’s so honest with characters.

The critically acclaimed director helms the star in their fourth movie together, Bridge of Spies. Tom plays lawyer James B. Donovan, who’s tasked with rescuing a pilot in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It follows on from their debut collaboration Saving Private Ryan and movies Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal, so Steven knew what talent to expect from his main man.

“When I made my first movie with Tom as a director, Saving Private Ryan, we were both a little bit nervous, but (when) we worked together (it was) almost like we were sharing a brain,” he told “And it’s been that way on the next three films following Saving Private Ryan, and one of the happiest experiences I’ve ever had was with Tom was on this last film, Bridge of Spies, and it’s simply because, you know, Tom is an honest actor, which means that he doesn’t have to act. If he understands the character, he exists in clothing and in the persona of that character without having to… work very hard.”

Film duo the Coen brothers and British playwright Matt Charman wrote the screenplay for Bridge of Spies. Steven trusted the brothers to bring the people involved in the tale, based on true events, to life. He also appreciated them adding their unique touch to proceedings.

“I wanted to go really deep into the characters and I wanted to also find irony because I think there’s great irony in history and the people who do the best irony that I know are Joel and Ethan Coen,” Steven continued. “So I asked them if they wanted to work on the script and they did about four or five versions, not different versions, but four or five passes on their rewrite and really, really deepened the characters and found a lot of irony, and of course along with irony comes humour and every movie needs humour.”

– Cover Media