Stones For The Rampart: The Battle For Warsaw


The iconic and moving story of three Warsaw friends, whose ambitious plans for the future are interrupted by the dramatic and life-changing advent of the Second World War.

The boys are confronted with an impossible choice: they can keep the peace, stay safe and except the Nazi invasion of their precious homeland, or they can risk everything by heroically engaging in the struggle for the honour and liberty of their nation. What followed is a story that has remained legendary for more than 70 years…

Based on the cult novel by Aleksander Kaminski.

Certificate: 15             Drama | War | World

Dir. Robert Glinski, Poland, 2014, 111 mins, subtitles

Cast: Tomasz Zietek, Marcel Sabat, Kamil Szeptycki,Magdalena Kolesnik, Sandra Staniszewska, Wojciech Zielinski


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