Suicide Squad 2 and Deadshot spin-off in the works

With over $700m banked in the face of hardly pleasant reviews (on the whole), Warner Bros is clearly pleased with the impact that Suicide Squad had in cinemas earlier this year. So much so that it’s plotting an assortment of further movies along the same line.

The Harley Quinn-headlined Gotham City Sirens is also being talked about. But the studio is also still pressing ahead with Suicide Squad 2, with the core cast presumably tied in to make a few sequels if required. Whether it involves original director David Ayer – given that he’s now overseeing Gotham City Sirens – remains to be seen.

Furthermore, we’re now hearing that Warner Bros is also interested in potentially developing a spin-off movie based around the character of Deadshot.

Deadshot was, of course, played by Will Smith in the recent movie.


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