Suki Waterhouse: ‘Boobs made me quit karate’

Actress-and-model Suki Waterhouse gave up karate when being “punched in the boob” became too painful.

The 23-year-old star began her career as a model, working for the likes of Burberry, but is now a successful actress too. Her latest big-screen outing sees her playing Kitty Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which required her to complete action training for several scenes. That was no problem for the star, as she was a tomboy growing up and used to love martial arts.

“I grew up doing karate, and my dad taught at our local centre,” she explained to Marie Claire magazine. “I stopped doing it when I started getting boobs, because I’d get punched in the boob, and it would be so painful.”

Suki underwent a physical transformation for her latest role, but unfortunately not in the way she’d hoped. While her co-stars, including Bella Heathcote and Lily James, got to dress up in sexy costumes, her character is dowdy, meaning Suki’s blonde hair was dyed mousey-brown.

“You watch (US modelling TV show) America’s Next Top Model, and you’re like, ‘Why are these girls crying about their hair?’ (when they have their makeovers),” she explained. “But then it happens to you! It sounds so pathetic, but I definitely cried.”

The movie is a new take on Jane Austen’s classic love story, with members of the un-dead spicing things up. Lily admits approaching the project with trepidation at first, although she is now delighted she did get on board.

“When I saw the email from my agent, I was like, ‘This sounds terrible!'” she laughed. “Then, within 20 pages of the script, I thought, ‘This is so cool!’ Somehow these two worlds join together, and it’s a riot.”

– Cover Media