Survival Instinct (15)

Compared by critics to Wolf Creek and Eden Lake and described as one of best British horror films of recent years, Survival Instinct takes danger and thrills to the ultimate level.

On a road trip from London to a remote area of Derbyshire’s Peak District, Stacey and Thom’s car overheats and Stacey is forced to set out on foot in search of water for the engine. Instead she encounters Weaver and his teenage son Rex, two locals on an illegal hunting expedition.

After a fatal accident occurs, all hell breaks loose as Weaver’s determination to hide his actions from the authorities leads him to relentlessly pursue Stacey across the dangerous terrain of the Peak District, culminating in a deadly showdown.

Action | Horror | Thriller

Dir. Steve Lawson, UK, 2016, 75 Mins

Cast: Andrew Coughlan, Helen Crevel, Isabella Nash


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