Taron Egerton: ‘I thought I was in a film about Evel Knievel!’

Taron Egerton got somewhat confused when he was asked to be in a film about Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

The 26-year-old actor stars as the Olympic ski jumper in new movie Eddie the Eagle, but when producer Matthew Vaughn first approached Taron about the role, he was left unsure about the identity of the protagonist.

“I got confused, when Matthew Vaughn first called me about it I thought he meant Evel Knievel!” Taron told Good Morning Britain. “But I was wrong there – a little bit of Google correcting happened there. It’s an easy mistake to make!”

Once the confusion had been corrected, Taron was more than happy to play the world-famous jumper. Despite the fact he spent a lot of the movie filming on the slopes, the Welsh star had never skied before starring in the film.

“It took some training to get me even on the slopes – I’d never skied before in my life,” he admitted. “I’d never skied before – never in my life.”

While Taron was happy to be trained on how to ski, he left the jumping to the professionals. A stuntman took on the majority of the biggest stunts, but one scene saw the actor film the beginning of one jump – and that was frightening enough.

“Everything you see at the top of the slope is filmed at the top of the slope,” he said. “For insurance purposes and the fact that I’m sane I didn’t do any jumping. The most death defying it got was that at one point they put me in a harness and I went down the first 10 feet and I was caught in a net. That was scary enough for me!”

Taron is currently busy getting put through his paces for the upcoming sequel to 2015 film Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which he will reprise his role as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin.

He promises that director Matthew (Vaughn) has lived up to the standard set by the first movie, and is more than excited to get started on the second installment.

“As of this week I’m back in the gym trying to prepare myself,” he said. “I was whipped into shape for the first film and it’s happening again now. It’s really exciting – I’ve read the script and it is extraordinary. Matthew Vaughn hasn’t let any of his fans down before and he’s certainly not going to this time.”

– Cover Media