Half Way (TBC)

‘Half Way’ documents a family as they go through the emotional and physical anguish of becoming homeless and living ‘halfway’ between homes.

Daisy Hudson’s day to day filming of her family’s fight to retain their dignity as they wait for a new home from the council will give an audience a rare and direct insight into the struggles of homelessness and social housing.

Hundreds of  hours of raw footage has been edited down to a feature length film with the intent to defy stereotypes and challenge taboos towards homelessness and ‘scrounge culture’ – from the perspective of those living through it.

‘Half Way’ is an honest, often humorous and moving first hand testimony. Not only does it offer a powerful personal story, but is representative of a widespread problem in the UK. The definition of “homelessness” is changing, once a term reserved for those on the fringes of society, it is now becoming an epidemic of the mainstream.


Dir. Daisy-May Hudson, UK, 2015, 93 mins

Cast (as themselves): Beverley Bronte, Daisy Hudson

An Introduction to Half Way from Alice Hughes on Vimeo.


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