Teenagers’ didn’t always exist. At the turn of the century, child labor was ending, ‘adolescence’ was emerging, and a struggle erupted between adults and youth. Would the young be controlled and regimented, or could they be free? Inspired by punk author Jon Savage’s book, TEENAGE gives voice to emblematic teenagers from the first half of the

20th century: Brenda, a self-destructive Bright Young Thing; Melita, an idealistic Hitler Youth; Tommi, a rebellious German Swing Kid; and Warren, a black Boy Scout. Teenage is a punk approach to history. Thanks to the use of subjective narration and living collage of footage, voices and rhythms, it recreates the turbulent feeling of teenage rebellion.

Certificate: 24/01/14     Distributor: Soda Pictures

Dir. Matt Wolf, US/Germany, 2013, 78 min

Cast: Jena Malone, Ben Whishaw, Alden Ehrenreich

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