Texas Chainsaw 3D

Rarely is the word “Happy” associated with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So kudos to Lionsgate for coming up with an unconventional, creepy Happy New Year tie-in for their upcoming reboot of the Massacre franchise, which will arrive in theaters on Jan. 4. Interested in how Leatherface is wringing in the New Year? See for yourself below:

I won’t be able to hear Auld Lang Syne for a while without thinking of the meat hooks in Leatherface’s Texas abode, so thanks for that, Lionsgate. The very short clip doesn’t give us too much. It promises a new year, but the same old legend, eventually introducing us to the latest victims of the inbred, country family whose weapon of choice is a massive chainsaw blade. And perhaps that phantom feeling you have right now is the cold-steel touch of that very blade resting on your shoulder…

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