The Wolverine


While Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was unquestionably the most popular character of the X-Mentrilogy, his first solo effort as the character put a pretty serious dent in the franchise. The film was a decent success at the box office, but it was torn apart by critics and left a bad taste in audience’s mouths that some suggest resulted in X-Men: First Class not performing as well in theaters as all of the other movies in the series. Belief in the popularity of the character has led 20th Century Fox to make James Mangold’s The Wolverine, which will be out at the end of July, but it may be the last time that Jackman carries the weight of a solo title about the character.

With the next movie coming out soon, Entertainment Weekly had the chance to sit down with the Aussie star, and while talking about the future Jackman suggested that this could be his last time strapping on the claws for a Wolverine movie. “I wasn’t even sure after the first [stand-alone] film if I would do another,” the actor told the magazine. “I won’t say never, because I’m still loving it. But there would have to be a pretty compelling reason.” Producer Hutch Parker added that the idea of recasting the part at this stage, “feels somewhat blasphemous.”

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