Thomas Brodie-Sangster: Maze Runner sequel is extreme

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is confident the sequel to The Maze Runner is “even more intense”.

The British actor stars as Newt in the film adaptation of the James Dashner novels. The first film was a huge success and now the cast is promoting the sequel, The Scorch Trials. For Thomas, it was great to take the story to the next level.

“[It’s] a direct continuation from the first movie but it is even more intense and faster paced,” he told “You follow the same group of characters you get to know in the first movie and throw them into this whole other situation and different landscape and a whole different setting. It’s a very different feel.”

Despite the intensity of the movie, filming it wasn’t difficult because the cast got along brilliantly. Thomas stars alongside Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Ki Hong Lee and the stars couldn’t wait to get back together to film the follow up.

“We got very close very quickly on the first movie, within a week we all really liked each other and that friendships lasted which is nice and a rare thing too,” Thomas explained. “We’ve stayed in contact between the movies and then when we knew we were making the second one I think everyone was so excited to just get back on set and work together.”

The Scorch Trials sees some new actors join the line up, and Thomas teased fans about what they can expect from the latest additions.

“We got a few interesting characters come along, there’s a guy called Aris, he’s this younger kid that we meet once we come out of the maze,” he explained. “We realise that we weren’t the only maze, he was in a maze as well, a separate one and he helps us understand a little bit more about what’s going on.”

– Cover Media