Thomas Crown Affair Remake

As well as Creed 2, Michael B Jordan has a second remake of The Thomas Crown Affair on his slate…

Next up for Michael B Jordan, after the successof his work in Creed? It might just be a second remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

The original, released in 1968, brought together Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway and a chess board. The surprisingly solid remake followed in 1999, with Die Hard director John McTiernan uniting Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the lead roles.

Now? Michael B Jordan will be stepping into the shoes previously worn by McQueen and Brosnan, as MGM plans a third take on the story.

Right now, Jordan is the only name believed to be attached, as the search is on for writers and a director to bring The Thomas Crown Affair back to the screen. That suggests that the project is in its infancy, and thus Jordan may find himself shooting Creed 2 beforehand.


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