Thor: The Dark World

Thanks to the first Thor movie and The Avengers, comic book fans have a pretty good idea of what Chris Hemsworth‘s costume will look like in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World. While it may change a bit and undergo some slight variation, for the most part the God of Thunder armor will probably be very similar to what we’ve already seen. Such is not the case for the villainous Malekith the Accursed. Played by Christopher Eccleston in the sequel, the famous comic book character has never been in a live-action feature before, so how the movie will choose to present him is quite the tantalizing mystery. Well, today that puzzle has been somewhat solved.

Photographers over at Splash News and I’m Not Obsessed were recently able to snap a few photos from the set of Thor: The Dark World and in the process revealed not only what the central villain will look like, but also the members of his race – The Dark Elves.

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