Tom Holland: My somersaulting landed me the Spider-Man role

Tom Holland tried to convince Spider-Man bosses to hire him by showcasing his gymnastic skills.

The 19-year-old British actor was little known before he was named as Andrew Garfield’s successor in the upcoming movie, which is the latest comic book adaptation. Having previously starred as the title role in the Billy Elliott musical, Tom has some serious moves, and he admits it was these skills that led to him landing the web-spinning role.

“Well, I did my first audition tape with Joel Kinnaman – I was shooting a really small indie film with him earlier in the year – and they gave me two scenes and I had to do an ident, which is basically where you say, ‘Hi, my name is Tom Holland, I’m this, I’m this tall, I’m this old,'” Tom told the Associated Press about the audition process. “And I basically did like a somersault into frame and then a somersault out of frame ‘cause I basically – I was like, they may never see this, but if they do I need them to know that I’ve got some gymnastics abilities and stuff, and every tape I sent in I always did a little acrobatic demo to try and convince them to give me the role.”

Tom will be catapulted to worldwide fame when the next Spider-Man film is released. However, he admits his name was already in line for the role when it was announced they were recasting Andrew’s part, and he was stunned when he found out producers had actually asked to see him read for it.

“When I found out that they were recasting the role, I rang up my agent, I said, ‘Listen, just get me a self-tape. Just please let me send off something so that they can see me – I know it’ll never happen,'” Tom continued. “And he said, ‘They’ve actually requested to see you,’ which was like music to my ears, and it kind of just went from there, really.”

– Cover Media