Tomb Raider movie set for March 2018

Warner Bros schedules the new Tomb Raider movie in the date originally earmarked for The Flash…

Lara Croft’s journey back to the big screen now has its release date target. The new Tomb Raider movie, that’ll star Alicia Vikander in the lead role, has been confirmed for a March 16th 2018 release date. That’s a date that Warner Bros had originally set aside for the movie of The Flash, and we suspect therefore that the Ezra Miller-headlined superhero flick may now be shifted to later in 2018.

Back to Tomb Raider, though.

Production is set to start on the film later this year, with Roar Uthaug (The Wave) directing the movie. The final screenplay has come from Transformers: The Last Knight writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

We await further casting announcements for the movie. For now, Warner Bros’ marketing department has a bit of time to get its promotional campaign for the film together…