Toni Collette: I’d move mountains for Miss You Already

Toni Collette was so determined to be a part of her new movie Miss You Already, she would have settled for being cast as a “fly on the wall”.

The actress stars as Milly, with Drew Barrymore playing her on-screen best friend Jess. The pair’s relationship is tested when one of them discovers she has cancer and the other struggles to conceive, with Dominic Cooper and Paddy Considine also appearing.

“I was surrounded by the most incredible group of actors with this film; especially Drew,” Toni told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “She’s so open and willing to connect. It was just brilliant. I loved the script. I would have played anyone – I would have been a fly on the wall.”

Initially Toni was cast as Jess, who is the supportive friend in the partnership. But after a number of Milly actresses fell through, she decided to throw caution to the wind and switch roles.

That meant finding the perfect new Jess, and Toni was adamant Drew had to get the part. At the time the star had just given birth to her now 17-month-old daughter Frankie, so film sets were the last thing on her mind.

“It was the worst timing, because I’d literally just had a baby, but I was so excited and honoured to be a part of something I thought was so worthy. Everyone is a Toni Collette fan, but I am the biggest. So I was like, let’s just pack up the family and somehow figure this out,” she recalled.

The script and subject matter also convinced Drew Miss You Already was worth changing her plans for.

“Something that really inspired me about this film was that I’ve gone through hell and back with all my girlfriends and we’ve always had humour, honesty, tough love, connection,” she explained. “This film is so true to what a life has when you love someone; friendship is just as powerful as romantic love.”

– Cover Media

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