Wintry Horrors

By Tom Bielby.

With winter well underway, Christmas been & gone, and at the start of a New Year the Showfilmfirst team have been very disappointed at the lack of snow. So, with this in mind, we decided to showcase ten of the best horror films that take place in snowy surroundings. When you have finished working your way through this list you will probably be very glad that there hasn’t been too much of the white stuff so far this winter…

10. 30 Days of Night


This vampire film came along when comic book adaptations were all the rage, and was perceived by some to be better than the source material it was based upon. When an Alaskan town is plunged into darkness for 30 days during the winter, its inhabitants are attacked by a brutal gang of bloodthirsty vampires. Unable to escape due to the deadly creatures that lurk outside and the oppressive weather that isolates the town from the outside world, the survivors are forced to band together to make it through the ordeal in one piece. This is not the only horror film to combine cold weather with vampires to great effect, the chilling weather seems to be the perfect setting for blood-sucking creatures who shy away from the sunshine – as you will see further down the list – and whilst it is no classic, 30 Days of Night is still an entertaining ride from start to finish.

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